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Growing in Faith with My Children: Teaching Them About Jesus

As a mother and a recent follower of Christianity, every day presents a new opportunity not only to teach my children about Jesus but to learn and grow alongside them in faith. Here's a glimpse into our journey of discovering Jesus together.

Discovering Jesus Together

My own journey with Jesus began not long ago, which has made the teachings of Christianity a fresh experience for both me and my children. This shared path has opened up unique ways to explore faith that are enlightening for us all. I believe there's something profoundly beautiful in learning alongside your children, as we each bring our own perspectives and questions to the table.

Introducing Jesus to Different Ages

Introducing Jesus to my kids has meant adapting to their understanding at different stages. For my youngest, it starts with the simplest Sunday school stories and vibrant picture books that tell tales of miracles and love. For my older child, we delve into the life lessons that Jesus taught us, discussing what they mean and how we can apply them to our everyday lives.

Engaging Through Activities

We use a variety of resources to make these stories come alive. From animated Bible stories on DVD to children's bibles with illustrations, each resource helps frame Jesus in a way that is relatable and engaging for them. We also incorporate crafts, such as drawing scenes from the Bible, or re-enacting parables, which help cement these stories in their young minds.

Living the Lessons of Jesus

As I learn more about Jesus myself, I strive to embody His teachings in my daily actions. This means showing compassion, offering forgiveness, and extending charity in our community, all while my children watch, learn, and sometimes participate. It’s about showing them that faith is lived out in small acts of kindness.

Fostering an Open Dialogue

I encourage my children to ask questions and express their thoughts about Jesus, which we discuss openly. Questions like "Why did Jesus do that?" or "What would Jesus do in this situation?" are common in our home. These discussions are vital as they help my children form a personal connection with Jesus and understand His impact on our lives.

Learning from Our Community

Our church family has been incredibly supportive in guiding us. The Sunday school teachers, the community service opportunities, and regular church gatherings play a significant role in our religious education and growth. They offer a broader perspective on Jesus' teachings and a communal sense of learning.

Exploring at Their Own Pace

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to allow my children the space to explore Jesus and Christianity at their own pace. Faith is a personal journey, and each child connects with it differently. Supporting their curiosity and providing them with the tools to learn, while also embracing my own learning curve, has been key to our family’s spiritual growth.

Reflecting on Our Path

Sharing this path with my children has been incredibly fulfilling. It has strengthened my faith and deepened our bond in unexpected ways. I’d love to hear how other parents introduce and discuss Jesus with their children. What strategies do you find effective? How do you navigate your own learning while teaching your children?

I invite you all to share your experiences and insights, as we continue to learn from each other in this beautiful journey of faith.

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